What became of them ?


Oxigen supported in 2011 the German group Eurocomfort (300 M€ Revenue) in the acquisition of Abeil activities (duvet and pillow manufacturer) and in the post-merger integration (Learn more about Eurocomfort assistance – in french) Six years later, the project is sustainable thanks to activity revitalisation, a successful diversification on the internet and some investments in […]


In the first half 2013, Oxigen accompanied Deck Development Group (Wichard, Profurl), a world famous specialist in marine chandlery for the takeover of Groupe Losange activities (Sparcraft, Facnor), a well known manufacturer in the field of nautical equipment. The target was in difficulty (receivership). Through this acquisition, Deck Development Group has strategically expanded its presence […]


In the first 2010 semester, Oxigen supported managers and shareholders of Nomadvance (identification, traceability and mobility solutions) to reinforce and place under control their activities. Nomadvance registered sales of €M 25. This mission included a performance diagnosis as well as the definition and implementation of management tools. It came at a key stage in the […]