What-became-of-them-? Hub One

In the first 2010 semester, Oxigen supported managers and shareholders of Nomadvance (identification, traceability and mobility solutions) to reinforce and place under control their activities. Nomadvance registered sales of €M 25.

This mission included a performance diagnosis as well as the definition and implementation of management tools. It came at a key stage in the development of the company just before an industrial business combination.

Indeed, Nomadvance (now Hub One Mobility) was acquired in August 2012 by Hub One, subsidiary of Aéroports de Paris (ADP).

Nowadays, Hub One Mobility realize nearly €M 50 of sales and hire 175 persons. It is one of the key players in hardware and service in IT and communication in professional environments market.

Hub One Mobility managers have renewed us their confidence in the first 2015 semester within performance diagnosis mission to identify additional levers in terms of organization, control and reporting tools to support growth and facilitate the crossing of thresholds.