What-became-of-them-? Abeil-Eurocomfort

Oxigen supported in 2011 the German group Eurocomfort (300 M€ Revenue) in the acquisition of Abeil activities (duvet and pillow manufacturer) and in the post-merger integration (Learn more about Eurocomfort assistance – in french)

Six years later, the project is sustainable thanks to activity revitalisation, a successful diversification on the internet and some investments in production tools. Oxigen is delighted to be the trigger of this operation which confirms the interest to initiate cross-border merger in complex transactions.

Article publish january 17th 2017 : “Abeil, l’un des leaders de la couette synthétique, basé au cœur du Cantal depuis 1870”, by Emmanuel Tremet,  Lamontagne.fr

Article publish february 1st 2017 : “La société Abeil, spécialiste des couettes et oreillers, va s’étendre sur Aurillac”, by Emmanuel Tremet,  Lamontagne.fr

Article publish february 2nd 2017 : “En bonne santé, Abeil va s’agrandir”, by La Rédaction,  Lavoixducantal.fr