Achievement of a Codefi Diagnostic

Following tender process launched in March 2016, Oxigen has been mandated by a CODEFI (Departmental committee of examination for company financial problems) to make an exhaustive and comprehensive diagnosis of an SME (economical, industrial and financial aspects). The company is a locally major company. The company also solicits a spreading of its tax and social debts (€ 2 million).

The company has annual sales of approximately € 50 million and operates in the maintenance market for consumer electronic equipment.

To lead this mission, Oxigen has constituted a multi-disciplinary team with the backing of specialized consultants in Human Resources and Industrial Performance.

Oxigen illustrates in this mission its ability to produce a comprehensive analysis of the business, integrating not only the financial aspects but also the strategic positioning issues, industrial performance, HR organization and relevance of the management process.
This approach allows stakeholders (here the public creditors) to have:

  • a complete understanding of the business
  • a light on its ability to recover and meet its commitments in time