Achievements second-semester 2016

During S2 2016, Oxigen team worked on various confidential missions :

  • Flash Financial Audit for a participation of an investment fund:
    • Oxigen worked on request of an investment fund to achieve a flash financial audit to understand the need to recapitalize one of their participation (Turnover : € 35 m). Mission was mainly used to inform shareholders (i) on the cash consumption and (ii) on the risk of their short-term evolution. Our conclusions helped to preserve their positions.
  • Economic and Financial diagnostics for a participation of an investment fund:
    • Oxigen intervened for an investment fund on a economical and financial diagnostic. Mission helped shareholders and managers to restore (i) visibility on short-term performance and financial needs and (ii) to identify levers to sustain Group’s activities (Turnover € 25 m). This intervention contributed, within a short time period, to preserve and secure value for shareholders.
  • Independent business review – health sector:
    • Intervention next to a listed American Group (Turnover :  € 500 m) to analyze objectively the financial situation of a doubtful client. Mission allowed the group to have a detailed report of the financial situation and facilitate decision during negotiations.
  • Financial restructuring:
    • After a phase of diagnostic and reinforcement of the financial direction, Oxigen worked on a financial restructuration of a Group with its financials partners (8 banks and bondholders). Negotiation process realized in an “Mandat ad-hac” procedure was based on an independent review of the management’s exploitation and cash previsions. The final agreement is the obtaining of deductibles refunds between 20 and 30 months with an extension of maturities over equivalent duration. This financial restructuration should give the time needed to finalized the current recovery plan of the Group.